Free CAD and BIM viewer for IFC, GML, PTS and DWG

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Exceptional loading times, smooth navigation and growing functionality might just make Areddo to be the best solution for viewing BIM models (IFC, GML, PTS (point clouds) and DWG). And all of that, for free!

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Supported filetypes:



Clash control

Bring clashes to light, quick and simple.


Enjoy the no-hassle measurement tool in Areddo

Load multiple models

Areddo is the only free BIM viewer that supports loading multiple models!

Impressive section-planes

Thanks to smart grip-points, straight and diagonal section-planes are easely done in all directions.


Lots of information to deal with? No problem, easely filter by model, storey, class, entity and layer.

Layered walls

Areddo allows you to view the way walls are layered.

Space annotation

In top-views, space annotations are displayed when available.

Adjustable sun position

Easely adjust the direction the sun 'shines' from.


Areddo easely applies shadow to your models.

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